Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Worst of Detroit

1. Getting a $30 dollar ticket for parking in a parking zone that JUST got changed.

2. The exhilarating cold weather with the hail & snow piercing at your face.

3. The constant police man giving you that look as if they think they are God and you are nothing.

4. Being in a traffic Jam during rush hour, especially with the many people that do not know how to drive.

5. People getting in arguments on what side of Detroit is better and getting in fights for which one is the most dangerous.

Best Of Detroit

1. There's a party or club to go to every night.

2. In the dorm, all of us act like family on my floor. I met people that I fit in with and relate to.

3. How beautiful it is at night with the dark sky and the bright lights.

4. Going down I-75 90 miles an hour.

5. Eventhough it is the crime city, people here still have that sort of uniting understanding(most people).

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Advertisement: LUCKY CHARMS

Lucky Charms!
Message:The box is saying that the cereal is magically delicious! Plus, it is good for you with all natural whole grains!
Method:It shows a happy leperchaun making magic with the cereal with also nutritional fact in the corners of the box.
Medium:The advertisement is being delivered this way to get children's attention and make the cereal look happy and fun for kids so they will beg their parents to by it for them, and the nutritional facts on the front are for when the parents go to see if it is healthy for their children.
(Not the actual box I described.)

Friday, January 13, 2006


Detroit Livin!
Hart Plaza