Wednesday, February 22, 2006

"Chicago is a business center, with a diverse, powerhouse economy. It is also a tourism center, with world-renowned shopping, dining, museums, architecture, theater, music and more. For business. For pleasure. We're your kind of town" (

The quote is self explanatory on how the city is represented positively. My perception on the city is the same as how the represent it. I've been there once and really enjoyed myself. There is so many activities to enhance, you'll never be bored. Yes, there are some "bad" neighborhoods in Chicago, but every city has its worst.

Newspaper Headlines


Marwan Othman El-Hindi, indicted.
(AP)Terror plot's Chicago tieA scheme to attack U.S. troops in Iraq allegedly included plans to recruit people from Chicago.

Local news
Preschool teaches inclusionAs 16 preschoolers played and painted in their classroom, few noticed that one 5-year-old was receiving a bit of extra attention.

Afrocentric curriculum divisive, not unifyingThe achievement gap between blacks and whites is the tragic result of centuries of isolation, inequality, exclusion and separation of the races. How regrettable, then, that self-separation now is considered a way to close that gap. Unfortunately, that's the direction that some want to take Evanston/Skokie School District 65, by establishing an Afrocentric curriculum for struggling black students.

Artifacts get a new homeWith bountiful gold mines, powerful kings and fabulous cities, ancient Nubia was a great black African civilization that sprouted and grew 5,000 years ago alongside Pharaonic Egypt, two empires that were sometimes friends and often enemies.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Coney Islands

I love me some Coney Islands! MmM mMM! Thats what I love about it over here...Coney Island on EVERY corner! Yes yes! Gyros! Coneys! Hani's! Shrimps! Can't get enough of those Coney Island Specials! Detroit Coney! NickyDs, Olympus, National Coney Island! LA CONEY ISLAND! YES YES YES! Who wants to take me to get some!?!?!?

Battling With the Less Fortunate

One thing I CANNOT stand about living in Detroit, is the homeless increasion. I can't even pull up to a McDonalds without one sneaking up to my car...WHILE I'M AT THE DRIVE THRU WINDOW...and asking me for some money. I find myself grabbing my phone and pretending I'm talking to someone on it, just so I can act like I'm not paying attention. Don't get me wrong, I do have sympathy, but to an extent. I'll give them food if I have some, but money, I don't trust giving it out. I barely trust my friends with money, let alone a complete stranger on the street, with already the knowledge of statistics of con artist bums. WE NEED MORE SHELTERS!

Independent Labels

Is it just me...or does every male in Detroit want to be a rapper or producer of some sort? It seems like every guy I talk to, they starting a music label, or in a music label, or in a group. I guess its just the idea of gettin money the easy way, eventhough if you think about it, it is still big time work to get far in the game. I have no room to talk since I am trying to become a video producer. But what gets me is those certain individuals that are trying, but they just aren't quite good at it and they think they are at the top. Some of them need to go to Simon off of American Idol, and get a second opinion. GET YOUR OWN STYLE!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Superbowl Weekend...what a joke

Saturday night was suppose to be a fun night...but NO not for me and my crew. We first started off going to a QUE party(one of the fraternities at Wayne State). It was held at the Magic Stick(pool hall/bowling alley) and it was 20 dollars a head. So we went there, and sure enough they raised the prices to 30 for girls and 40 for we left because it was just a fraternity party. Then we heard there was a party at the Museum of African History and Tierra Marie & Trey Songz was going to be there and it was only 25 dollars so that was our next plan. We arrived there and heard the music all the way from the street so we thought it was going to be a hype party. As we enter, we pay the money and drop off our coats at the mandatory coat check. Still excited about the overly loud music, we enter... people were standing around the exhibits, not dancing, not nothing. My friends and I looked at eachother like, "thats it?". Sure enough, it was. We decided to stay to get our money's worth since we attempted to get a refund and got rejected. More of our friends came, and were a bit on the "tipsy" side. To make the night even more amusing one of our friends passed out because he had way too much to drink and the ambulance had to come. If you don't think this is enough excitement for one night, when we get to my car, it won't start. We tried checking under the hood, boosting it, and nothing we could do seemed to help. I had to leave my car on Cass AVE. and get a ride from our other friends. In the morning I called AAA and had them toe the car to the parking structure. What a exhilirating night, don't you agree?

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Winter Days in Detroit

Detroit Traffic in the Winter Time

The worst part of living in Detroit is the traffic. Specifically in the winter time. I literally get temper tantrums in my car because of how bad it is. Detroit is already filled with people that can't drive. Just picture people who can't drive in snow scum suffocating the roads. The city should have snow trucks on duty more often during snow showers. That's why I choose to stay inside and only go out if I strictly have to.