Wednesday, February 22, 2006

"Chicago is a business center, with a diverse, powerhouse economy. It is also a tourism center, with world-renowned shopping, dining, museums, architecture, theater, music and more. For business. For pleasure. We're your kind of town" (

The quote is self explanatory on how the city is represented positively. My perception on the city is the same as how the represent it. I've been there once and really enjoyed myself. There is so many activities to enhance, you'll never be bored. Yes, there are some "bad" neighborhoods in Chicago, but every city has its worst.

Newspaper Headlines


Marwan Othman El-Hindi, indicted.
(AP)Terror plot's Chicago tieA scheme to attack U.S. troops in Iraq allegedly included plans to recruit people from Chicago.

Local news
Preschool teaches inclusionAs 16 preschoolers played and painted in their classroom, few noticed that one 5-year-old was receiving a bit of extra attention.

Afrocentric curriculum divisive, not unifyingThe achievement gap between blacks and whites is the tragic result of centuries of isolation, inequality, exclusion and separation of the races. How regrettable, then, that self-separation now is considered a way to close that gap. Unfortunately, that's the direction that some want to take Evanston/Skokie School District 65, by establishing an Afrocentric curriculum for struggling black students.

Artifacts get a new homeWith bountiful gold mines, powerful kings and fabulous cities, ancient Nubia was a great black African civilization that sprouted and grew 5,000 years ago alongside Pharaonic Egypt, two empires that were sometimes friends and often enemies.


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