Friday, March 10, 2006

Detroit Zoo Dillema

On Wedensday the Detroit City Council voted 6-3 in favor of a deal to allow the Detroit Zoological Society to assume control of the Detroit Zoo and save it from closure. The battle is not completely over though. The Detroit Zoological Society must now work to raise about $4 million a year in state aid and another $2 million in grants and donations from the private sector. They also plan to pursue a regional zoo millage tax in 2007 to provide a more long-term solution for the zoo's money woes. For details about the deal that saved the zoo, read this article from the Detroit Free Press: 'Hard work ahead' for zoo: Money issues remain after council OKs deal.

The community has responded to it as, "For students who grew up in Metro Detroit, the prospect that the Detroit Zoo may close is disheartening"(The Michigan Daily). The Michigan Daily had also said, "Many people in and around the city already recognize the role that vibrant art and culture organizations play in making the region attractive to the new residents and businesses the region needs to attract. Far from driving home the need for greater regional cooperation, however, the current problems facing the zoo are turning into another venue to air the mutual hostility between the city and its suburbs. That attitude will not contribute to a better future for Detroiters or suburbanites - and it will not save the zoo".


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