Friday, March 03, 2006

Ultimate Night Out: State Theater

Altered State Theater
State Theater is more of a "upbeat" type of art. It is the art of dance. Others may call it a club of some sort, but it could also be looked as place where expression of dance is performed. State Theater is located off of Woodward by the Fox Theater. The club is 18 & up so know youngsters. Sometimes radio stations come and DJ for the music, typically Q955. There is a bar for all those older more sophisticated individuals that wish to drink. The club also consists of several VIP rooms, including a balcony. State Theater is also a well known club for college students because they get in free with their school ids. Overall, its always "jumpin", and always packed so get there early, or they will lock the doors. Altered State Theater always reaches its capacity. The club is well protected with tight security for our safety.

Some events that happen at State theater are breakdancing contests, hiprolling contests, dance group tryouts. Other events that happen are wet t shirt contests, wet boxer contests, live performances with nationally known music artists. Every Saturday out of each month have a theme. Jamaican night, black light night, foam party night, pajama party night, and a whole bunch more!

The cost of State Theater varies for what is going on. Minimum amount is 10 dollars, or free with a college ID.



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