Friday, March 03, 2006

Ultimate Night Out(3 spots)

Creating the Ultimate Night Out

Enhancing in the Arts
I. Bonstelle Theatre
The Bonstelle Theatre is a theatre located off of Woodward by Michigan Avenue. Come and enjoy, also appreciate, a play performed by Wayne State students. Sometimes the real thing is more exciting than just seeing acting on a screen. There is more of a connection with the audience and the actor/actress. Every Wednesday and Thursday night is ABSTRACT NIGHT, where volunteered actors come with their very own creation of abstract acting. Whether its being nude in body paint performing a skit, to reciting their own poem and making a live story out of it. The Bonstelle Theater gives a breath taking experience of the appreciation of live acting.

The Detroit Institute of arts is a Museum located on Woodward, north of Warren Avenue. At the DIA you enhance exhilirating pieces of art that have been in our history for decades. The museum gives you a chance to escape the stress of the city and relax and intake the beauty of art and humanity. In the museum there are rooms of nationality. African Arts, Indian Arts, China Arts, and etc. Endow in the history of different cultural arts and how people of that culture expressed themselves through art. The museum has also famous pieces that were sold to the DIA, like some Van Goghs, and Greek sculptures. The DIA also has a mouthwatering cafeteria with a wide selection of food to choose from with an outdoor look to eat at.

III. Altered State Theater
State Theater is more of a "upbeat" type of art. It is the art of dance. Others may call it a club of some sort, but it could also be looked as place where _expression of dance is performed. State Theater is located off of Woodward by the Fox Theater. The club is 18 & up so know youngsters. Sometimes radio stations come and DJ for the music, typically Q955. There is a bar for all those older more sophisticated individuals that wish to drink. State Theater is also a well known club for college students because they get in free with their school ids. Overall, its always "jumpin", and always packed so get there early, or they will lock the doors. Altered State Theater always reaches its capacity.


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