Monday, April 03, 2006

Detroit Soundtrack

Traveling through Detroit I would use these songs while driving in my car...

1. Kdoe AKA K-Deezy- My hood = Kdoe is a new artist of Detroit representing the westside of Joy Road. It's an average Detroit rap song that represents the streets of Detroit.

2. Blade Icewood- Ride Out= Blade Icewood is a widely known Detroit artist that recently passed and is already known as a legend here in Detroit. The song, ride out is a good song to listen to while driving because it talks about "riding out".

3. Blade Icewood- Get this money= "Boss up and get this money" is a popular song here for fellow rap fan Detroiters. The song even has its very own dance. This could be used as a Detroit theme song for fellow Detroiters that are fans of rap music.

4. Cheddar Boys- Roll wit my ni*gas= The Cheddar Boys are a rap group from Detroit that were popular awhile ago, but kind of died down because of other new upcoming artists. I chose this song of theirs just because it has a good beat and its somethin to bob your head to.

5. Eminem & Trick Trick- Welcome to Detroit City= This song is not one of my personal favorites, but if you want to feel at home in Detroit, and get accqainted with popular Detroit songs, than I suggest you listen to this.

6. Bun B- Pushin= This song isn't by a Detroit artist, but whenever I go to my meetings for my company, which are all over the D, I think of this song because it has to do with hustlin' and trying to get money and "stack your bread up".

7. Tone Tone- I aint playin witcha= Tone Tone is another Detroit artist. He hasn't came out with anything new recently but when this song came out, it use to be popular in the clubs. You could say that this is a fight song, and something to get "hype"/"crunk"/"pumped" off of.

8. Dem Franchize Boyz- Murk= This song has good bass for a car. If you want to be "hip" in Detroit, have major bass in your ride.

This is my Detroit soundtrack to help me feel at home in my Detroit.


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